Wireshark 32-bit on Windows 7 - freezing after start

asked 2018-12-15 08:36:55 +0000

wrspet gravatar image


I used Wireshark very long time to diagnose network problems. One of my testing machines is Windows 7 32-bit. I had installed some older version of Wireshark which always freezes after starting GUI and when I kill it with close button and start again the it was able to start . So I was able to start Wireshark on second time always. Today I accepted offer for updating to the newest 2.6.5 and now Wireshark is not usable. After attempt to start it freezes - like old version, but when I kill it and try again it freezes again. Whe I leave it freezed it wakes up after quite long time, maybe minute or two. Have you any tips hove to solve it ?

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