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Capture hangs on start

asked 2022-02-14 18:38:19 +0000

ultradj83 gravatar image

updated 2022-02-15 02:12:15 +0000

Jim Aragon gravatar image

Dears, I need to run wireshark on a Windows 7 x64 workstation. Just installed, it hangs as I start the capture. It's not a performances related problem as workstation's are not overloaded. The workstation is close to idle, it just runs Castelorock SNMPc manager.

How can I troubleshoot this problem?


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One possible root cause to this is name resolution. Try to disable any DNS lookups and see if the issue resolves.

Bob Jones gravatar imageBob Jones ( 2022-02-14 21:48:46 +0000 )edit

Sir, are you suggesting to try to disable names resolution within wireshark settings?


ultradj83 gravatar imageultradj83 ( 2022-02-15 07:05:41 +0000 )edit

yes, try to disable.

Bob Jones gravatar imageBob Jones ( 2022-02-15 16:30:22 +0000 )edit

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answered 2022-05-07 07:03:25 +0000

Vort gravatar image

Wireshark 3.2 is claimed to be the last release with Win7 support.
But I checked Wireshark 3.4.14 and it works without hang.

I was also forced to install Npcap 1.60 manually because version 1.55, which was shipped with Wireshark 3.6.5, fails to work.

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There is 0 testing of Win 7 support by the Wireshark devs, so no guarantees that Wireshark 3.4+ will continue to work with Win 7, but if it works for you currently then all is good.

grahamb gravatar imagegrahamb ( 2022-05-07 08:50:54 +0000 )edit

It is great that older versions are still available for download. So in case if 3.4.15 will stop working, user will still be able to install 3.4.14. And disable update notification. Important feature in our world too.

Vort gravatar imageVort ( 2022-05-07 10:40:31 +0000 )edit

I can't upvote, but this is exactly what was the problem for me: WIndows 7 requires WS 3.4.14 & Npcap 1.60 ; WS 3.6.5 just hangs.

vaxquis gravatar imagevaxquis ( 2022-05-12 14:37:26 +0000 )edit

Confirming Windows 7 requires WS 3.4.14 & Npcap 1.71 (running WS as administrator). WS 4.0.1 hangs. Find 3.4.14 here.

intrinsic gravatar imageintrinsic ( 2022-11-02 01:39:55 +0000 )edit

confirming Windows 7 requires WS 3.4.14 & Npcap 1.71 (running WS as administrator).

You really shouldn't run Wireshark with elevated privs and (in general) npcap doesn't require it.

grahamb gravatar imagegrahamb ( 2022-11-02 08:43:12 +0000 )edit

answered 2022-10-22 08:16:54 +0000

For the Googlers: I also had hangs. Sometimes over a minute. Even when i loaded a npcap file. It was Windows 10 and Wireshark 4.0.

I can reproduce the problem. Today...

In my case it was the enabled WLAN, while my machine was connected to the router via cable at the same time. I often have problems with my provider and need to use my handy as hotspot... Vodafone cable, by the way }:-|

Well, when i disconnected from WLAN (which was connected to the same router, as i said) there were no more hangs. Wish i had found it yesterday. I did not try other access points until now.

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