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Wireshark 4.2 crashes on save config

asked 2024-01-31 07:16:19 +0000

Harry303 gravatar image

updated 2024-02-01 12:14:13 +0000

Screenshot link :

When I press on the gear icon (marked with red circle), the interface options dialog box comes up. Now after making changes, if i click on 'Save' button, the Wireshark crashes. When I relaunch Wireshark, the changes are not saved.

This was not the case when I used Wireshark 4.0.12 and earlier versions. So can someone please solve this issue, and / or tell me what new changes are there in Wireshark 4.0.12 and above?

Thanks in advance :)

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Can you tell us which extcap interface you are configuring? Your image is obscuring the name. I don't recognize the "Blink Port LED" configuration item; is that a third party extcap plugin not distributed with Wireshark? It might well require recompilation to work with 4.2.

johnthacker gravatar imagejohnthacker ( 2024-01-31 13:40:45 +0000 )edit

If Wireshark is started from the command line, are there any messages printed before the crash?

Chuckc gravatar imageChuckc ( 2024-01-31 13:57:06 +0000 )edit

"You receive automatic updates." indicates that this is either Windows or macOS, and the style of the buttons in the dialog indicates that it's Windows. Is that correct?

Guy Harris gravatar imageGuy Harris ( 2024-02-01 00:41:54 +0000 )edit

It might well require recompilation to work with 4.2.

But an old extcap shouldn't cause Wireshark to crash.

Guy Harris gravatar imageGuy Harris ( 2024-02-01 00:42:40 +0000 )edit

Yes guys, I am using a third party extcap plugin on Windows.

Harry303 gravatar imageHarry303 ( 2024-02-01 12:09:44 +0000 )edit

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answered 2024-02-21 04:04:28 +0000

johnthacker gravatar image

This MR possibly helps this, because it was definitely not correct to directly manipulate the preference pointer outside the standard preference API. That should make it into the next 4.2 release. We're limited in what we can do without actually having a reproducer.

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Thanks for this. Is there any Wireshark installer available which includes this change? If not, do you have any estimate when it will be available? I want to test this out if the crash still reproduces or not.

Harry303 gravatar imageHarry303 ( 2024-02-21 11:27:30 +0000 )edit

The bleeding edge installers that have all the latest commits are available at

grahamb gravatar imagegrahamb ( 2024-02-21 11:55:59 +0000 )edit

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