USB capture endpoint location ?

asked 2024-04-29 02:50:10 +0000

ws2024 gravatar image

Hi, newbie here. Loving Wireshark !

Im using GNURadio on Linux to send USB data to a FTDI driver on the Host PC, which connects to a remote device USB FTDI chip. (FTDI make USB-UART interface chips). The data coming out of the FTDI chip at the device is incorrect.

I am wanting to locate whether the error in introduced before the driver buffering, or in the driver software in Linux or out of the remote device itself?

Im using Wireshark to inspect the outgoing USB data listed as :INTERFACE A TX 32704 BYTES...and the error does not show up in that data block.

My question is: Where is Wireshark getting this data from ? before the final driver, or after the final driver on the Host ? Im basically trying to locate the cause of the error at my remote device.

Thanks for any insights and pointers to further info. I am new to USB device driver usage.

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