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USB serial COM capture not working

asked 2020-01-17 05:40:18 +0000

nil@emqos gravatar image


I have installed Wireshark 3.2.0, USBPcap v1.5.3.0 but unable to see COM port selection on the Wireshark.

I have connected my embedded board debug serial port to PC using Serial to USB converter.

Please provide suggestions/comments ASAP.

Thanks, Warm Regards, Nilesh.

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answered 2020-01-17 10:31:19 +0000

grahamb gravatar image

USBPap does not support capturing on Com ports. Nor does npcap or WinPcap.

USBPCap does support capturing on USB interfaces, you'll have to determine which of the interfaces listed corresponds to your USB to serial converter.

Once you figure that out and capture the traffic, then it's likely that it still won't dissect the application traffic as most dissectors don't support USB as a transport media.

To capture such serial traffic and dissect it I use an Ethernet to Serial "Terminal Server", e.g. a Lantronix device as shown here which provides a virtual serial port for the application but transits the data over TCP to the terminal server which is then connected to the serial device. Wireshark is then used to capture the TCP traffic which does usually allow dissection.

What protocols are you hoping to dissect?

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Thanks for the reply.

I am basically trying to make protocol sniffer for LORA.

We have our own hardware which will keep receiving LORA packets at specified frequency and these received LORA packets will be send to UART Debug serial port. And with the use serial to USB converter, LORA packets will be send to PC over USB.

I would like see this data coming on USB on a wireshark, May be later i will dissect USB for seeing packets in our protocol format.

But current challenge is to see data packet on Wireshark (data on USB).

Similar thing i have seen working for BACnet MSTP data packets coming on the USB and observed on the Wireshark but main difference is BACnet MSTP has one more utility called mstp.exe along with USBPcap.exe which makes it work.

Thanks, Warm Regards, Nilesh.

nil@emqos gravatar imagenil@emqos ( 2020-01-20 07:14:12 +0000 )edit

The BACNet mstp utility is an "ExtCap" program. These programs extend the capturing ability of Wireshark by using external applications to capture the data and return it to Wireshark as a pcap stream.

See the man page on ExtCap for more info.

grahamb gravatar imagegrahamb ( 2020-01-20 11:02:00 +0000 )edit


Thanks for the comments.

Is there any way to capture USB data and see in Wireshark OR we need to create utility similar to mstp? OR is there currently any utility available which will allow to capture USB packets and show on the Wireshark?

Thanks, Warm Regards, Nilesh.

nil@emqos gravatar imagenil@emqos ( 2020-01-20 12:36:37 +0000 )edit

Sure, USBPcap will capture on the USB hubs, so the traffic will be in there somewhere. Just install using the Wireshark installer. You'll have to work out which USB hub your USB to Serial converter is connected to.

As I noted previously, the protocol data will be interspersed in USB packets so probably won't be easily viewable.

grahamb gravatar imagegrahamb ( 2020-01-20 12:42:07 +0000 )edit

Hi, Testing with USBPcap.exe is already done on Windows10 to capture serial data coming on the USB but its not working. Can we try with Linux OS.?? Thanks, Warm Regards, Nilesh.

nil@emqos gravatar imagenil@emqos ( 2020-01-22 06:12:14 +0000 )edit

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