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After upgrade to version 4.0.6 from 4.0.0, SIP FLOW under Telephony is not working

asked 2023-05-30 08:52:16 +0000

AR23 gravatar image

After the upgrade, I'm able to generate SIP-FLOW under telephony. I've tested with old & new files, the behaviour is the same. I've tried to filter out sip packets based on call_ID or "SIP" or ports, but each time i open the SIP-FLOW, and select the call, it just opens a blank page, with no flow.

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answered 2023-05-30 12:05:38 +0000

SYN-bit gravatar image

I just tested it myself, I can go to "Voice Calls", select a call, click on "Flow Sequence" and get a flow graph of the SIP/RTP packets.

Can you try the "Classic" configuration profile and see whether that makes a difference?

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Asked: 2023-05-30 08:52:16 +0000

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