RTP not showing up in SIP Call Flow

asked 2021-05-05 16:13:23 +0000

kb9mfd gravatar image

The RTP is not showing up in the call flows. The RTP is there, I have to find it using the port information in the invite and stp and the packets are there and they are marked / decoded as RTP, but if I go to RTP Streams they are not there either. I have to go to both stream packets and do a Decode As... and set them as RTP even though they are correctly already marked as RTP, then I can do a Stream Analysis, if I do not do the Decode As, then it will not find the reverse. Then I can play them, but only the Forward plays. The graph shows both, but only the forward comes out in stereo instead of one left and the other right. I am using Windows, Wireshark version 3.4.4. Any idea? This is rather frustrating to diagnose a issue.

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