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Does domain belongs to

asked 2021-04-29 03:36:07 +0000

Hi, we've been seeing the domain being classified Low Risk by the some Firewals.

We are seeing some devices accessing, I imagine should be for updates.

Wonder if you can share some light about this activity, is this domain something you own, something that is on the code that needs to be contacted by the application?

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answered 2021-04-29 04:10:59 +0000

cmaynard gravatar image

updated 2021-04-29 04:48:41 +0000

To my knowledge, no. Neither nor dl1.wioreshark.netare affiliated with Wireshark. The only legitimate download servers I'm aware of are listed at, and they currently only include the following:

Personally, unless you're aware of some other legitimate reason for those devices contacting those sites - and judging by your question here, that doesn't appear to be the case - then I'd block access to them.

EDIT: Well, according to a whois lookup, it does appear that the registrant organization is the Wireshark Foundation after all:

Registrant Organization: Wireshark Foundation, Inc.

Still, I can't think of a valid reason why any device should be attempting to contact that domain instead of or any of those listed above. (And I assume was a typo and you meant ?)

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answered 2021-04-29 16:35:11 +0000

Gerald Combs gravatar image

We (the Wireshark Foundation) do own, along with a few other Wireshark-related domains such as and points to the same addresses as, but as Chris notes, clients should be using the address and not

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