How can I get packets with website information through monitor mode?

asked 2024-04-16 03:21:21 +0000

I am trying to capture packets of other devices on my home network (e.g. my laptop, my phone, etc.) with information on interactions with the web.

I have succeeded in getting packets of color (ones with data), but none of them seem to contain information on what exactly am I doing on the web. It clearly shows on managed mode, when I sniff packets of my own device. What would I have to do to obtain packets that contain information of interactions on the web?

Soft/hardware info:
- Adapter: Alfa AWUS036NHA (using a TP-Link Wireless USB Adapter Driver as a driver)
- OS: Windows 10
- Wireshark version: 4.2.4
- Npcap version: 1.78

I have done:
- Change my network's signal into only 2.4GHz (my adapter only accepts that)
- Put the wpa-pwd and wpa-psk of my network into Edit -> Preferences -> Protocols -> IEEE 802.11 -> Decryption keys (I checked on 'Enable decryption' as well)
- Currently automatically generating the sslkeylog of my browser using the environment variable 'SSLKEYLOGFILE'

Feel free to ask me anything, I'll try to provide more info on demand ASAP.
Well, I'm going to sleep, so I won't be able to reply for a while.

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