Spoofing router to see user download's statistics, not traffic data

asked 2020-03-20 15:49:10 +0000

vic131 gravatar image

Problem : My router dosen't have a built-in option to see traffic statistics, so i can't see who is downloading more/less.

Possible solution and doubt : I'm considering to use bettercap to listen my own router, and use wireshark statistics (endpoints menu) to see the real time downloaded packages on each ip conected to my router. Is not beautiful, but is better then nothing.

Possible problem and doubt : I don't know if this (constant listening to my router) would make the router vulnerable to atacks from inside, and outside of the lan. Or even if the router would be slower.

Besides, i aways wanted to learn how to use wireshark, and learn more about it.

What are you thoughts on this ? There is a best solution (besides buying stuff) ?

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