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How to check random connection drops across multiple devices wired and wireless.


I have a fixed wireless plan that is a real pain from Rise Broadband. For the last 3 years, we have had constant issues and now with new homes going up they are trying to say that those are causing my issues. With this being said, I have used wireshark in the past to show drops on their towers specifically. With that being said, I am still fighting with them even though they agreed last time we did this and showed them.

With this being said, They are telling us once again we should have no issues and we still do get random drops across the board. At this point in time, the drops have become more frequent and with my desktop I am in a new room on a new drop that was tested prior to use with a light up cable tester. Can I use wireshark to track this and where the drop may be happening if I do have an internal home network issue? I have a feeling I do not but things keep getting worse as time passes. They also just replaced the router with a TP-Link Deco last time.