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Domain Client Restartup - Ultimate Challenge

I have problem where client computers connect to the domain just fine. I can ping devices by name and by IP address and I can access shares. But randomly (it could be hours or days) I will lose access to domain resources such as shares. I can still ping devices, though. To fix the problem I have enter the current IP address as an exclusion in order to force the client computer to request a new IP address. Once the new address is assigned everything is back to normal. Restarting the computer does not fix the problem. I figured that the problem is that the computer itself losses authentication with AD. If I delete the DNS entry for the bad IP address the entry is not added when the computer is restarted. But once the computer gets a new IP address the DNS entry is updated. Therefore, I decided that troubleshooting should be focused on before the user logs in.

So I started to gather Wireshark captures. Since the client computers are in separate subnets from that of the Domain Controller I placed a capture computer in each subnet (one for the client and one for the server subnets). I gathered semi-synchronized captures from the bad IP address and from the good IP address. Since I don't have enough points to upload files here is the link to the files

Thank you very much in advance. Let's see who is the first to help me solve this mystery.