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how can I graph mysql response time in wireshark

asked 2017-12-08 16:48:37 +0000

romk gravatar image

how can I graph mysql response time (ie time difference between request to response) in wireshark. I would like to create a distribution time chart to see if some responses are taking too long.

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answered 2017-12-11 21:06:27 +0000

Uli gravatar image

One possible way to get a graph is to use TRANSUM.

  • Enable Transum (Analyze -> Enable Protocols -> Transum RTE Data
  • Add port 3306 to Transum (Preferences -> Protocols -> TRANSUM -> Output RTE data for these TCP service ports)
  • Draw Graph (Statistics -> I/O Graph -> Add new graph: display filter:, Y-Axis: AVG or MAX(Y Filed), Y Field:
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Asked: 2017-12-08 16:48:37 +0000

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