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How to plot HTTP requests/sec graph?

asked 2017-11-02 06:01:28 +0000

Pratik gravatar image


Can someone please advise how can I plot following graphs using wireshark?

  1. HTTP requests/sec graph
  2. HTTP response time graph

Thanks, Pratik

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1 Answer

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answered 2017-11-02 09:12:16 +0000

Uli gravatar image

updated 2017-11-02 09:14:26 +0000

You can use the I/O Graph (in the Statistics menu):

  1. Display Filter: http.request, Y-Axis: Packets; Interval: 1 Sec
  2. Display Filter: http.response, Y-Axis: AVG(Y Field), Y-Field: http.time, Interval 1 Sec

I/O Graph

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