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How to make wireshark pop out a file when there are a lot of tcp retransmissions?

asked 2017-12-06 16:13:00 +0000

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Hi, I want to reroute traffic when a router gets congested. To do this I want wireshark to pop off a file when there are too many retransmissions in a short period of time. I'll have some python detect that the file has been created.

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answered 2017-12-06 23:19:59 +0000

masonke gravatar image

You might be able to o this with tshark , filtering on retransmissions. Then you can count the instances an determine if there are too many in a given time.

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Is there lua you can run in tshark that will stay with the counter instead of going to the network feed?

f00dninja gravatar imagef00dninja ( 2017-12-07 13:31:24 +0000 )edit

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