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Wi-Fi device driver for Windows that supports wifi monitoring

asked 2022-07-31 16:02:55 +0000

updated 2022-08-02 08:35:04 +0000

Guy Harris gravatar image

Hello, I want to use wireshark on my windows machine (intel), i am using wsl2 and kali linux. unfortunatly it seems like intel windows drivers dont support network monitoring (netsh wlan show wirelesscapabilities says its not supported and intel themselves too). Is there a way to bypass that or another driver that supports it

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answered 2022-08-02 09:48:41 +0000

Bob Jones gravatar image

There are two parts to this: capturing traffic and then analyzing it. Capturing monitor mode traffic on Windows is problematic and I don't recommend this approach, but npcap has some (poor) support for it, for some adapters (Intel is not supported according this documentation):

If you need:

  1. to use Windows
  2. to use an Intel adapter

Then I suggest a commercial solution for capturing monitor mode traffic:

You can save-as pcapng format and then analyze in Wireshark.

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