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Configuring Filters Help Please

asked 2020-10-22 16:24:10 +0000

Reallylost gravatar image

I can't upload the screen shot of the Filters because I don't have 60 points. I just can't win.

Can someone help me configure the Display Filters and any other filters please. To make a long story short I was granted a restraining order against a very disturbed individual who is a pathological liar. He has been out for revenge for the past eight years because I outsmarted him and he was found guilty in a court of law despite his attempts at making himself the victim and me the villain. He is very good at reversing the truth.

The very expensive security system I had installed is connected to the internet and I believe it has been hacked into. My internet connection is being screwed with too, and I think there is some sort of spyware on my Mac. I'm using BitDefender which finds nothing. I am also using ExpressVPN.

I am a retired scientist but I don't write code or anything. The security people told me to run WS and left so I am on my own. The security people don't believe that their system can be hacked. I want to make sure that I am seeing everything I need to see. Is WS configured correctly? Thank you for your help.

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answered 2020-10-23 22:26:19 +0000

JustJames111 gravatar image

Reallylost... Wireshark might not be the best tool to see if your security system has been hacked, but here is how I would approach the situation (in very gernal terms). If your security system connects to your home internet, you may want to see if your router has packet capture ability. If so you can read the file with wireshark. If not you may want to install a network "HUB" between the security system and router; connect your computer to this hub and capture your network adapter in promiscious mode. If you can access the system from the web or an app, do that while capturing.

Once you have a capture it will help to know the IP address of your security system (eg: you can apply the display filter "ip.addr ==" and this will show you any traffic to or from your security system. It's a little like reading the matrix but after a while you'll start picking up on what is happening based on what you see. Play with the tools in the "statistics" menu to get a summary of the activity. You could also try downloading a "port scanner" and run that from another computer on your home network against the IP address of your security system while capturing.

Unfortunately if your system has been hacked wireshark won't show much unless you are running the capture when the 3rd party is trying to do something with it.

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