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Configuring Filters Help Please

I can't upload the screen shot of the Filters because I don't have 60 points. I just can't win.

Can someone help me configure the Display Filters and any other filters please. To make a long story short I was granted a restraining order against a very disturbed individual who is a pathological liar. He has been out for revenge for the past eight years because I outsmarted him and he was found guilty in a court of law despite his attempts at making himself the victim and me the villain. He is very good at reversing the truth.

The very expensive security system I had installed is connected to the internet and I believe it has been hacked into. My internet connection is being screwed with too, and I think there is some sort of spyware on my Mac. I'm using BitDefender which finds nothing. I am also using ExpressVPN.

I am a retired scientist but I don't write code or anything. The security people told me to run WS and left so I am on my own. The security people don't believe that their system can be hacked. I want to make sure that I am seeing everything I need to see. Is WS configured correctly? Thank you for your help.