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Why do I get "Can't get list of interfaces: message payload is too short" when trying to add remote interfaces?

asked 2020-02-20 16:28:40 +0000

Gabriele gravatar image

updated 2020-02-21 00:04:07 +0000

Guy Harris gravatar image

Hello, trying to add remote interfaces i get this error. I usually use wireshark, this is new installation on new pc. I tried to disable antivirus and firewall, also launch with administrator rights without success.

Can you help me?



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Can you paste the contents of the Help -> About Wireshark > Wireshark tab?

grahamb gravatar imagegrahamb ( 2020-02-20 16:38:03 +0000 )edit

And what version of the remote capture daemon is installed on the remote machine? This is an error reported by the libpcap remote capture client code and remote capture daemon code if the client or server receives a remote capture protocol message that's malformed by not including all the data that such a message must contain, so there's probably a bug in either the client or server code.

Guy Harris gravatar imageGuy Harris ( 2020-02-21 00:03:39 +0000 )edit

I'm trying to capture a PABX's Ethernet interface. It have "Enable RPCAP" option and works with another pc.

This is the "About" (i can't get to paste all the content...) Version 3.2.1 (v3.2.1-0-gbf38a67724d0)

Gabriele gravatar imageGabriele ( 2020-02-21 08:04:21 +0000 )edit
Gabriele gravatar imageGabriele ( 2020-02-21 08:21:38 +0000 )edit

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answered 2020-02-21 20:09:12 +0000

Guy Harris gravatar image

OK, so that's Npcap, not WinPcap - the original remote-capture client code in WinPcap didn't do all the checks and error reporting that the current code in libpcap does (I cleaned up the remote capture code a lot when I added it to standard libpcap).

Either 1) there's a bug in libpcap 1.9.1's client code, so that it's rejecting valid rpcap packets or 2) there's a bug in the rpcap daemon in the PABX's software, and it's sending invalid rpcap packets (too short).


  • open Wireshark, and start a capture on the interface for the network between your PC and the PABX, using the capture filter "port 2002";
  • while that capture is running, open Wireshark again, so that you have two instances of Wireshark running on your PC, and, in the second instance of Wireshark, try to add remote interfaces;
  • when the attempt to add remote interfaces reports the error in the second instance of Wireshark, stop the capture in the first instance of Wireshark;
  • if the first instance (the one doing the "port 2002" capture) shows any traffic, please do File > Save to save the raw capture to a file;
  • go to the libpcap issues list and open a new issue, and attach the raw capture file to the issue.
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Thanks Guy. Is the filter "tcp.port==2002" good to make the first capture as you require?

Gabriele gravatar imageGabriele ( 2020-02-24 08:24:33 +0000 )edit

It seems that will be a not quickly resolution, is there a workaroud? Can i install and set wireshark to use it?

Gabriele gravatar imageGabriele ( 2020-02-24 10:49:43 +0000 )edit

Another comment ;-) Starting capture from cmd it works: wireshark.exe -ni rpcap://

Gabriele gravatar imageGabriele ( 2020-02-24 15:37:56 +0000 )edit

Yes, it's a bug in the PABX's remote capture server, as I indicated in the libpcap issue you reported; please report it to them, and include the URL of your issue in your report to them, so they can see why it's a bug.

And, yes, the command-line capture will work, because Wireshark (and dumpcap, which is what Wireshark runs to do the capturing) doesn't try to get a list of interfaces in that case.

Guy Harris gravatar imageGuy Harris ( 2020-02-24 16:04:52 +0000 )edit

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