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Spanish localization

asked 2020-01-01 18:15:18 +0000


I would like help this project with a spanish translation but in a Transifex when I try join to spanish language it don't appear, I have requested another language but nobody answers my request.

I would like know that I should do or who I should contact to begin with this task.


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answered 2020-01-01 21:55:32 +0000

Gerald Combs gravatar image

Full Spanish language support requires the following:

  • A Spanish (es) language entry at Transifex:
  • A gettext PO file (debian/po/es.po).
  • A Qt Linguist file (ui/qt/wireshark_es.ts).
  • A flag image for the preferences dialog (image/languages/es.svg).

We had the first two items, but not the last two. A change is inbound to add them. Once the change is committed, we need to sync the Qt .ts file with Transifex.

BTW, it looks like you requested support for Spanish (Spain), i.e. es_ES. Is there a reason to add a country-specific translation in this case?

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Update: The change has been committed and synced with Transifex

Gerald Combs gravatar imageGerald Combs ( 2020-01-03 18:57:18 +0000 )edit

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