can wireshark help me trace the data servers of my cloud provider

asked 2019-08-26 20:20:37 +0000

I am having a peculiar problem with upload/download data loss, and tech support doesn't seem to understand me (bless 'em, they're in Europe with thick accents, and anyway this isn't the kind of support they are used to handling for endusers). Their data servers are contracted to some company in the U.S. but they freak when I ask them who. So, I'd like to find out myself. If I do some test uploading/downloading via internet, can I use WireShark to find out where the files ping and pong and finally land? Then I can contact the company and explain to them what's happening so they can maybe help me figure it out and fix it.

Or is there some easier way to do this without WireShark? I'm not Mr. Technical Networker, you know, just a lowly enduser ;-)

Thanks in advance!!

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