How can we use Wireshark to sniff data from WiFi based IoT device to AWS S3?

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Hi all,

We have the following setup:

An IoT device logs data and uploads this to an AWS S3 bucket using our local WiFi router as hotspot.

We would like to be able to sniff this traffic for troubleshooting & optimization purposes using Wireshark. We've been able in the past to use Wireshark for a similar purpose with MinIO, which is an open source S3 object server that we can host on our own PC and network.

However, shifting from this and onto a setup where we sniff data sent via our own network - and onto a cloud AWS S3 server - is a bit more foreign to us.

Do you have any suggestions for how to approach this (steps, guides or similar)?

Thank you very much

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How you go about capturing this data is dependent on the problem, i.e. what you are looking for/trying to solve:

  • Are you interested in the application data that is being passed by the client device, like the actual logs, etc? If so, then I would recommend a wired capture. After the WiFi system, collect a wired capture via TAP/mirror port or similar. Since it is your network, I am assuming you have the kind of access and configuration capability you would need. See, for example,
  • Are you chasing problems, i.e. maybe wifi issues? If so, then you may want both a wired and wireless capture. Wireless is harder, but still possible. See
  • Do you have wired issues, maybe TCP connections keep dropping, device is no longer able to be discovered, whatever? Then start with ...
Bob Jones gravatar imageBob Jones ( 2019-06-03 10:00:22 +0000 )edit