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This has come up a number of times over the lats year, did you look for similar questions?

For reasons unknown, the npcap install on some machines fails to start the driver.

From an "Administrator" command prompt enter the following to check the state of the npcap service:

sc queryex npcap

It's likely that will show the "STATE" as something other than "RUNNING". You can then try to start the driver using:

sc start npcap

On some systems, this fails to start the service (use the first command to check the status again), and if this occurs you'll have to contact the nmap support folks. You should also check the service has been started after a reboot.

You should also check the start options for the driver using:

sc qc npcap

which should show the "START_TYPE" as "SYSTEM_START". If this isn't the case then pursue it with the nmap support folks.