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Network interface switches

Hello there,

I want to use Wireshark to monitor traffic exchange in an small network made of two sensor nodes, my laptop as a server, and a router that I just use to connect my laptop and the sensor nodes. You can consider it as a small IoT.

Before running Wireshark, all works fine; sensor nodes periodically send their measures to my laptop through WiFi and my laptop prints the measurement. The issue is when I run Wireshark. When I run Wireshark and put the network interface in monitor mode and then start capturing packets, the network becomes disconnected and it switches to another WiFi network if it is available. I played with different options but I have not yet figured out why this is happening.

I should add that Wireshark normally works fine, and can capture packets on say my home WiFi network or my WiFi network at work. This problems appears when I want to capture traffic of my IoT. Could you provide me some hints on how this can be fixed?

Thank you,