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Unable to use androiddump in windows with named pipe


I am able to use androiddump in Ubuntu, but I am unable to perform the same on windows with named pipe.

Below works on ubuntu, but if i perform the same on windows it does not work

1) mkfifo /tmp/wireshark

2) androiddump --extcap-interface=android-logcat-text-main-NUSV2E0042 --fifo=/tmp/wireshark --capture

3) wireshark -i /tmp/wireshark -k

In Windows I am trying to create named pipe and then invoke androiddump and wireshark from same script, using the examples from

Named pipe created using python example, but looks like androiddump seems to be unable to access the same.

    pipe = win32pipe.CreateNamedPipe(r'\\.\pipe\wireshark',
                              win32pipe.PIPE_TYPE_MESSAGE | win32pipe.PIPE_READMODE_MESSAGE | win32pipe.PIPE_WAIT,
                              1, 65536, 65536,
                              300, None)

But I get below errros

* (androiddump.exe:11200): WARNING *: The path to the file "\.\pipe\wireshark" doesn't exist.

And when i launch wireshark as well from same script using step 3 above, wireshark also shows same error

"The capture session on \.\pipe\wireshark could not start due to error on pipe open: The system cannot find the file specified"

Please let me know if i am missing anything, thanks

Regards Vishwanath