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ss7pcs to accomodate only point code without network indicator

First of all, thanks for the ss7pcs file - it has made working with point codes a lot easier. Just a request to check the following if it can be realized.

The current format of the point code is {Network indicator in decimal}-{Point Code in decimal} {Host name}

Since the NI (Network Indicator) has been segregated into its own, is there a possibility to add an "optional" format of the point code as {Point Code in decimal} {Host name} ?

In other words, the format would be like the following in the same order

  1. {Network indicator in decimal}-{Point Code in decimal} {Host name} --> Current format and with the highest priority as it is present in the first line (if not present, the next line shall be considered)
  2. {Point Code in decimal} {Host name}

Probably by following the above hierarchy, we have additional flexibility to accommodate point codes that do not have a network indicator in the "source" and/or "destination" columns.

Since the information above is more a feature request (than a question), Request help with redirection to the appropriate forum.