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development install issues

I'm trying to make a smaller custom version of Wireshark to log simple router traffic. I basically only need the time/date, incoming or outgoing, protocol (tcp, udp), remote IP address, remote name or message, remote port, local IP address, and local port. I won't be needing any of the "data" being sent or received and I am guessing that all I really need is the first packet of potential multiple packets. I suspect Wireshark will be able to do all of that, once I get into understanding it a lot more.

I have followed (hopefully correctly) the instructions in and got down to 2.2.10 which deals with opening a visual studio command prompt. The doc file says I may have to hunt for it but... I explored the entire folder (program files x86, Microsoft visual studio, 2017).

I searched for both "native" and "command" in that folder and came up with nothing executable... As per the VS install instructions, I only selected the 'VC++ 2017 version... latest tools", Windows 10 SDK and Visual C++ tools for CMake.

Since apparently a lot of what happens is at the command line... and I really want to be able to get this right. Any hints on how to proceed would be deeply appreciate. Thanks kindly in advance :)