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Wireshark don't see traffic on UE's control plane in LTE (using srsLTE-emane)

Hi! I'm using srsLTE-emane (, an open source software to emulate LTE network, and running Demonstration 1 that you can find here:

The software creates some LXC containers: one for UE, one for eNB and one for EPC. I have a network used for control plane. Each container is linked to this network through a bridge: is the bridge (letce0), is the EPC (backchan0), is the eNB (backchan0), is the UE (backchan0).

With Wireshark I see traffic of control plane on backchan0 of eNB (, arriving from backchan0 of UE, but I don't see traffic of control plane on backchan0 of UE ( I'm not able to understand why. Here are the captured files:!AoGMfEcbAULFlKdwlRhC-v3BdUgdvQ.

Anyone could help me?

Thank you!!