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Source files changed after build

Hello, is it ok, that after the build process some of the source files have been changed and some other has been added?

Here there are some of the files that has been changed after build:: - Wireshark\epan\dfilter\grammar.c - Wireshark\epan\dfilter\scanner.c - wireshark\epan\diam_dict.c - wireshark\epan\dtd_grammar.c - wireshark\epan\dtd_parse.c - wireshark\epan\dtd_preparse.c - wireshark\epan\radius_dict.c - wireshark\epan\uat_load.c - etc

And here there are some of the files that has been generated after build: - wireshark\epan\inet_ntap.c - wireshark\epan\inet_ptap.c - wireshark\epan\mkstenp.c - wireshark\epan\strptime.c - wireshark\svnversion.h - wireshark\config.h

I am using Wireshark 0.99.7.

Thank you, Carlo