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WireShark Skipping Certain Traffic?

I'm trying to analyze the traffic between an AXIS M1011W IP camera and a Furuno TZT14 marine chartplotter (which displays the camera output). Even though the moving camera output is displayed on the TZT14, I can't see anything on the wire from the camera resembling image data. All I see from the camera is IGMPv3, MDNS & SSDP packets containing mostly ASCII text. When I use a PC to display camera output, I see many TCP packets with 1460 bytes of image payload. Unfortunately, the PC test uses a different protocol (unicast RTSP) because I haven't figured out how to get the PC to communicate with the camera with the same multi-cast protocol as the TZT14.

The network is stand-alone and uses static IP addresses. WireShark is in promiscuous mode and is running on a Microsoft Surface laptop with Win10 and a SMC USB-to-ethernet adapter plugged into the laptop USB port. The TZT14 has 3 ethernet ports. The camera is plugged into 1 and the SMC/laptop/Wireshark into another.

Any advice will be appreciated. ---rick