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Computer compromised through Steam personal/financial information stolen HELP

The past while a group of individuals have been harassing someone due to an issue in a Steam game Counter Strike Global Offensive. The individual reported at times his email accounts have been accessed from unknown devices and his cellular connection temporarily not receiving the reset codes to regain access. Information of the past employment workplaces where said over voice communication in game also including banking information and recent transactions made. The individual has also reported them viewing through the cell phone camera as they said in game what the person was eating at the time. They have made threats of killing the individual and getting them locked in jail stating 'when you are staring at a wall 24/7 I hope you read a book you will need it' among other verbal threats. It is important to note that almost every match the individual played he ended up with one of the people he had blocked in previous matches. The individual has outlined multiple points that the community agreed should not have happened, in example 13 players in a match that is only supposed to have 10.

Valve has been contacted with deeper explanations on this topic including forum posts outlining in detail each and every occurrence the individual experienced malicious behavior and reported the profiles of each account. What was also included was multiple .pcap files which I need some help proving through the network data what was said.