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Couldn't refresh captures in wireshark with GNS3

I could capture the packet with GNS3 in the first time of run capture, if i restart or stop & start the live capture im getting bellow Error, ""Data written to the Pipe is neither in a supported pcap format nor in pcapng format. please report this to the developers of the program writing to the pipe."" also If i close and reopen GNS3 and wireshark im able to capture the packet, thats too only one time as i mentioned if i stop the capture in GNS3 i couldnt run capture again ,

so the option for me to work with wireshark is : *I should not stop the capture once i turned on ( its very hard to do searching and examining packets without refresh ) *I should close and reopen the entire GNS3 and wireshark application once I stopped the capture (its similar to start work freshly , this process takes too much time )

I need to do packet capture freely how we do with the real time network ( start,stop, restart, save captures) please help someone it would be very helpful for me.