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arp broadcast flood on home pc

I am not a programmer or code savy so I'll try and describe whats going on and maybe you guys can point me in the right direction.

I have a single desktop connected to a netgear cm1000 cable modem that goes out to cox cable. There is no printer or other computers attached and it has no wireless capability. I am running windows 10 LTSB.

When I first installed and booted up I dont think this was happening but it is now. I notice now cause the little blinky light keeps blinking all the time telling me the modem is doing stuff no matter if I am running anything or not. I probably shouldnt care. But I do.

Anyway, I loaded in wireshark and the link shows that I am having arp broadcast traffic all the time.

here's a link to the traffic at tinypic:

This traffic seems to start when I boot up, not seemingly linked to any programs I am intentionally running. I have researched this issue a bit and one post discussed how they had same problem and turned out to be a printer driver with a document in que trying to contact a printer that was no longer plugged in. I dont have now nor have I had a printer attached to this pc.

In real basic terms, is there a way I can turn this traffic off?