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Determining possible cause for TCP reset

Took a capture from my son's PC trying to connect to Apex Legends game servers. For some reason when he is connected behind my router he is unable to connect but if he is connected to the modem directly, it works as expected

I am not a WireShark or network expert but I do read and tinker in my free time. My home network is typical modem (purchased) connected to a router running OpenWRT

Using this filter tcp.flags.reset==1 and (ip.ttl==64 or ip.ttl==128 or ip.ttl==255)

I see a lot of tcp resets to the game servers with my son's PC as the source and the game servers as the destination with a ttl of 128

Any ideas what could be the culprit? This only happens with this game, any other Origin or Steam game works fine.