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WiFi camera > Wireshark tcp dissect in monitor mode > GStreamer to save video to a file

re: WiFi camera > Wireshark tcp dissect, data assembly > video player

I was told by Michael from GStreamer devel group, that GStreamer can be of some help in my project described by re:

In wifi monitoring mode I need tcpdump driver + wireshark to identify my camera by UID , SSID, IP source address, if fixed or within a range by DHCP

WiFi Direct camera should be emulated by GStreamer over wifi to let me test multicast settings, video streaming set to on, even none wifi receiver got paired

to make GStreamer to work on the receiving side, port is known since preset so I need Wireshark to get ip.address, source address of my camera in multicasting mode to enter in the following CLI command

"gst-launch-1.0 uridecodebin uri=rtsp://ip.address:port/mapping ! x264enc ! qtmux ! filesink location=file.mp4 -e

This will receive de RTSP stream, decode it, re-encode it, and save it to a file. If you knew the camera’s encoding format and handled key frames properly you could do it without the transcoding and save the processing (and battery life).

You could even capture the 4 cameras and combine them in a single file using the compositor.



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