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capture traffic on an access point

We are having some problems at my Bridge club where we use tablets to do scoring. The result of a hand is sent over wifi to the scoring machine but sometimes a tablet reports "no response" and we usually have to turn wifi off and on on a tablet to get it to work again.

I would like to use wireshark to capture the transaction between a tablet and an access point when it goes wrong. I can find out the IP address of the access point and the tablet and I know how to filter in wireshark but how do I tell wireshark to monitor the traffic on the remote access point. I assume my laptop needs to be connected to the same LAN as the access point.

By the way, I tried wireshark out at my home with the Bridge scoring software running and my tablet reported an error - it didn't get the feedback from the scoring machine that it was supposed to. When I looked in wireshark it said "TCP out of order" i.e. wireshark reported the fault and it was a real fault. Any idea what this fault means? I wouldn't have thought this was possible - TCP should retry and get the data through but it didn't and the tablet reported "no response".

Thanks for any help.