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tshark crashes: reading large packet captures via lua_script

Hi, I am trying to read and process a packet captures(pcap)of 1 GB, using tshark & lua_script using listerners, but the system memory gradually ramps up and tshark crashes when the system memory is maxed out..

Code flow is based on :

  1. Any inputs on how to handle large files this ?, Even observed this crash for 400MB+ files as well.

  2. My understanding is Listener is holding the memory of each packet until we complete the full packet capture , Is there a way to free up memory after processing every packet ?

example: tshark -q -r test.pcap -X lua_script:process.lua -X lua_script1:test.pcap

  1. Is it possible to read the packets in batches rather than loading full pcap file

Regards Dharun