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How to decode PDCP-LTE?

Based on, packet-pdcp-lte.h, pdcp_lte_logger.c, and the UDP framing format, I wrote 3 PDCP-LTE messages over UDP ports 10000,10001.

And I tried to decode them in Wireshark (2.9.0 and 2.6.6), but failed. 1. PDCP-LTE is not in the drop list (of Decode As ... -> UDP port 10000 -> Current). So I cannot decode UDP port 10000 as PDCP-LTE. 2. I added below config line to Wireshark\decode_as_entries . It seems the below line didn't work and was gnored. decode_as_entry: udp.port,10000,(none),PDCP-LTE

Does anyone know how to enable PDCP-LTE protocol in Wireshark and config it to decode the user data of the specified UDP port number (for example 10000)?