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Crash on Mac when stopping capture - segmentation fault

Using Version 2.9.0 and an external capture device using a Python serial connected Zigbee dongle from Nordic, Wireshark crashes as soon as you either start capturing without a filter or try to stop capturing with a filter applied.

If I leave the filter blank I get an immediate crash as soon as I hit the start button. If I filter on ZBee-ZCL I see broadcast packets arrive but nothing else then as soon as I hit the Stop Capture button Wireshark again crashes.

I am running Wireshark from the command line with 'sudo wireshark' to get some output when it crashes and because if I don't use sudo I get the error 'Capture Warn sync_pipe_wait_for_child: waitpid returned EINTR. retrying.' even though I am an admin on the machine.

When Wireshark crashes I get ' Segmentation fault: 11'.

Any ideas?