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Capture on WiFi works for all but device I'm interested in

I'm trying to sniff traffic to / from a Meross smart plug I have on my network. I am using wireshark in Kali on a virtual machine with a USB wifi adapter (RTL8812AU). I was able to successfully put the adapter into monitor mode and decrypt traffic on my WPA2 network, and I'm able to see other traffic such as to and from the Kali VM, traffic on my host computer, and my smartphone.

What I am not able to find is any traffic to the smart plug. According to my router, the plug has the IP of, and if I try to filter by that on wireshark I see nothing. I am able to filter by my host computer's IP, and the IP of my phone and that traffic appears perfectly normal (this is after the WPA2 handshake, decryption works correctly). When I check on the routers "traffic statistics" page it is showing that the number of packets sent / received to the smart plug increases when I turn it on and off, but Wireshark still doesn't show any data for that IP.

All these devices are connected to the same network (Only using the 2.4 for this test, 5Ghz is under a different SSID), I have no capture filters, and no display filters other than for the smart plug's IP. What could I be missing?