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use wireshark to measure connection

Hi all, let me explain my problem. I'm pretty new with Wireshark, i'm doing a lot of research but i'm unable to find a guide that explain me all the steps, so it's hard to me to follow.

I'm actually doing my Triennal Thesis, i have to send GET or POST request to my website using TCP, UDP and then GQUIC and compare the result and create some graphic.

My problem is:

I execute the various request thought different protocol and wireshark correctly output them but i don't know how to have some Statistics about the request.

I would like to see: Bytes Exchanged from Client to Server and from Server to Client, RTT, Packet Loss, total time from the first request to the last, Number of packet retransmitted.

I'm going to do a lot of request, like.. 1 connection and 1 request, 1 connection and N request, N connection and Y request, etc

1) How can i see the statistics asked above? I'm missing some important data that i should show? 2) It's better to execute like N connection and Y request with GQUIC, save the file, analyze it then repeat with TCP or it's better to execute all the request with the different protocols and save only one file and analyze it?

Thanks a lot for the help, Davide.