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MATE SIP correlation by few headers

Hello, guys.

I've tried several different ways but failed to solve the problem. Your help will be approciated.

SIP call flow: incoming LEG_A initiates several different outgoing legs (LEG_B, LEG_C, LEG_D). Each leg (LEG_A, LEG_B, LEG_C, LEG_D) has own Call-ID. Each of initiated leg (LEG_B, LEG_C, LEG_D) has a custom SIP-header to correlate them with LEG_A (P-RC-KEY), its contains Call-ID of LEG_A.

I'm trying to create MATE file to Gog al lof this legs. But the problem is: initial leg (LEG_A) has no P-RC-KEY header. So my goal is to create Gog based on two different headers: Call-ID from 1st leg and P-RC-KEY from all other.

Right now I can do it only based on Call-ID (I have a Gog with LEG_A only) or P-RC-KEY (I have Gog with LEG_B, LEG_C, LEG_D).

I didn't find how to create Gog matching AVP regardless name. I didn't find how to create fake P-RC-KEY header to the LEG_A.