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how to precompile and use precompiled lua dissectors


i just finished writing my first small dissector. I'm impressed that i could do it within some hours without real LUA experience. I'm not a professional programmer, so copy pasting and adjusting stuff was my main method...

so... i could use luac to compile the final .lua script.

However: how do i use that piece now?

If i name the file "compiled_lua.lua" it fails because wireshark think it is plain/text lua. If i name it "luac" it is ignored If i leave the extension it is also ignored

I compiled it using "luac script.lua" ...

Before anyone interjects: i read 10 times now that it does not bring any performance benefits. The reason i'm doing this is mainly to be able to share it witout disclosing the source directly...

Thanks for any hints!