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Segfault when enabling monitor mode with TL-WN722N v2

I bought a TL-WN722N for monitor mode sniffing under Ubuntu since I saw it on a list of supported devices (the internal WiFi on this laptop is not supported) but it crashes Wireshark with a segfault when I click on the monitor mode checkbox.

I've tried running airmon-ng as how-tos have described but it shows the PHY as 'null' for the interface.

Has anyone else had any luck with this adapter in monitor mode? Can someone recommend an adapter that's known to work reliably? All I need to do is capture small amounts of traffic off the air to diagnose a problem with an embedded WiFi device that sometimes doesn't get DHCP (as well as a few other problems), and last time I did any real sysadmin work on Linux, WiFi was still barely even supported - I'm a little out of date and short on hours in the day to relearn it all.

I'm on the verge of trying to find someone with a complete configured and working laptop to sell.