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Follow Stream error message

I'm not sure how to post a question. The search bar says to ask your question there, and it brings up topics, not of which address my issue, but it doesn't give an option to actually ask my question after I've finished the search. I found this link though burried deep in the FAQ and not sure if this is the correct way to ask a question, but here we go:

I'm using Wireshark Version 2.6.3

I went to statistics, conversations, and found a TCP row. It shows the IP address of the website I visited, and port 80.

When I highlight the row, then click on Follow Stream, instead of allowing me to follow the stream it brings up an error message.

The error message says "Error following stream. Please make sure you have a TCP packet selected."

I did select a TCP packet, so I'm not sure why it is issuing the error message??