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SIP Custom field data.text blank or just "Yes"


I have been testing SIP client/server, where I am just sending Instant messages on a local Lan between sip clients... I'm using Wireshark version (2.4.1) on windows 10...And as far I can tell everything works fine all the data I need is captured accordingly...

However I'm new to Wireshark and desperately need to work this out...I want to see at a glance the actual body of the message in a column?

In earlier versions people (i.e ) have worked out how to display the "data.text" an therefore see the actually message of the Message body in a Custom column field... When I try this , it either shows up blank or just a single word "yes",

If I click a row from this custom column, where it has marked in the field "yes" , clearly down below I can see in plain text, which the user/client has typed...i.e the Message Body

Session Initiation Protocol ->Message Body->Line-Based text data: text/plain ....some information someone sent as an instant message over sip...etc

I have gone to preferences->Protocol->Data->show data as text (is selected)

why does this not work, I can't see why not...Please help

thank you :-)