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Capture incoming packets from remote web server

I have a device (an air conditioner) on my local network which is connected via wifi to the router. It receives commands from an external web site.

I can send JSON formatted commands to the web server and it will forward the commands to the device. This results in an undesirable pause between the command being sent and the device actioning it. Additionally there are security issues.

I am trying to find a way to circumvent the web server. I would like to create a webserver on my own network to be able to control the device and reduce my reliance on the external service.

I have tried to capture data incoming from the web server using Wireshark but am really struggling to get it to work.

I've done a lot of background reading but some of the concepts are quite hard to understand. Can anyone provide a bit of advice on how to go about capturing and analysing these packets? This might include how to actually set up wireshark to actually capture the packets in the first place, because I am convinced that I haven't got that right.

Any help is very much appreciated