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Capturing SMTP traces

I am trying to troubleshoot an error a customer is having when they configure their SMTP outgoing email server settings and capture the SMTP protocol traces.

The printer has its own IP address and I am able to capture TCP information and other protocols but not SMTP. I have configured the SMTP Server (example: on SMTP Port: 25. I am on a Comcast network (10.1.10.x).

Is there a filter I can apply to capture the SMTP tracing from the SMTP server?

I am currently using: ip.addr==15.23.2.x

network setup as follows: PC > Hub (not switch) > printer > Comcast LR5 tap (10.1.10.x)

I am a novice user. I tried attaching the trace capture, I guess I need 60 points to do that..

Thank you for any help you can provide.