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Trying to understand network traffic.

Hello. This is a very basic question and I hope the answer is just as easy. I have Wireshark installed on a W7 PC, which itself, is connected to my network with wifi. I have a third party audio/video control system installed on an iPad and the app that controls everything is programmed to query my DirecTv box for status every 10 seconds. I'll run Wireshark for about 60 seconds and then stop. When I filter the data to include the ip address of the iPad only, Wireshark isn't picking up the 10 second requests. With the filter in place, I'll sniff again, load the app on the iPad, and get a few packets and then stops, but shouldn't I be seeing the status request packet every 10 seconds? If not, why? I tried the same thing sniffing just the satellite box traffic and Wireshark just isn't picking up the requests.