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eapol malformed packets


I was doing 802.11 captures using Netgear A6210 but all EAPOL packets are mark as malformed packets on Wireshark. I think there is an error on some dissector because using Omnipeek the packet is good. On Wireshark there is a "Mysterious OLPC stuff" before the LCC fields. And on Omnipeek that corresponds to "Driver Byte Alignment". It seems that wireshark dissector does not count or handle the driver byte alignment...

OS: Windows 7 64 bits Wireless NIC: Netgear A6210 with Netgear driver v1.0.0.39 Wireshark: Version 2.6.2 (v2.6.2-0-g1b3cedbc) Npcap driver: 0.99-r7

I donĀ“t have points to upload a sample packet or .txt.....